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Negative In-Law Talk – Make It Work for You!

August 17, 2015

Negative TalkWhen you struggle over and over again with your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law it is often hard to find something positive to say about her. All you can see are the things she does that drive you crazy or make you feel as though your life is nothing but misery – at least with her. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts this negativity can make it difficult for you to see how you can change this relationship. This negativity, however, does more than block your ability to create the relationship you may want. (more…)

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When Your Mother-in-Law is Bullying You

June 15, 2015

Last blog post I wrote about daughters-in-law who bully their mothers-in-law. This week I am writing about the reverse – mothers-in-law who bully their daughters-in-law. It’s interesting how different bullying can look when it is displayed by different groups of people. Due to the different roles a mother-in-law has in the family vs. a daughter-in-law, the way they bully is also different, which means how one deals with the bully is different too. (more…)

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Is Your Daughter-in-Law Bullying You?

June 8, 2015

The topic of bullying is usually associated with children and adolescents. Kids are bullied at school, in their neighborhoods, and through social media. It can be by people they know, or when it is through social media, it can also be by people they have never met. When you are the recipient of such actions, it is an extremely painful, lonely, and helpless experience. Even adults can be bullied – sometimes by people in their own families. (more…)

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