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Here is a great way to help you create those changes. Whether you choose the book(s) and/or the C.A.R.E. System your relationship will improve in no time. Check it out!

Secrets to getting along with your mother in law or daughter in law

Reluctantly Related Revisited

By: Dr. Deanna Brann

Reluctantly Related Revisited is the newest book from award-winning author Deanna Brann, Ph.D. With her trademark humor, compassion and years of experience, Dr. Brann explores the conflict that frequently arises in the mother-in-law (MIL)/daughter-in-law (DIL) relationship.

Women everywhere know that the MIL/DIL relationship can be one of the most complex and difficult relationships they experience.

Based on years of research and packed full of timely examples, Reluctantly Related Revisited highlights the issues and struggles created in the MIL/DIL relationship that add to the many disagreements frequently arising within families. Including detailed action steps to overcome conflict and build a long-lasting healthy rapport with your in-law, Reluctantly Related Revisited is a must-read for women everywhere.

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Reluctantly Related

By: Dr. Deanna Brann

Change your struggling in-law relationship today! Through humor, compassion and focus, I’ll show you how, step-by-step. In my book, Reluctantly Related I give you the understanding and the tools to make positive, lasting changes in your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law relationship. You don’t have to feel powerless or hopeless in your relationship!

  • Learn the secrets to making change possible.
  • Learn practical yet effective tools and skills that build your confidence and empower you with both your in-law and others.
  • Learn how to transform your relationship without having to confront your in-law.

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Mothers-in-Law & Daughters-in-Law Say the Darndest Things!

By: Dr. Deanna Brann

When things between you and your in-law seem impossible...sometimes you just need to laugh! While somewhat exaggerated, these cartoons were inspired by real life. So enjoy and let yourself laugh...

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