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Personal and Professional Audiences Alike Rave About
Dr. Deanna

Dr. Brann can engage, entertain and educate your audience with her break-through approaches to getting unstuck and resolving relationship conflicts: build confidence -create success - make any situation a win-win!

Signature Presentations


Building success in any business depends on one’s relationships and one’s ability to address those fears that stop them from moving forward.  Your audience will walk away with the steps they need to get unstuck, move forward, and make their relationships work for them.

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Women's Grps & Relationships

Relationships can be challenging. Here is a chance for your audience to be empowered in any relationship. Never worry about confrontation again! Your audience will learn how they can change even the most difficult relationship.

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Mental Health Professional Groups & Organizations

Help your audience build more successful practices through simple steps and easy-to-use tools that clients can use to gain a deeper trust with their therapist, feel more empowered in relationships, and feel confident they can make anything happen!

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Dr. Deanna

getting to know Dr. Deanna Brann

With more than 30 years in the mental health field, including 20+ years in a private psychotherapy practice, Dr. Deanna Brann helps women change their struggling relationships with one another for the better, forever. As an author, speaker and coach she shows women how it is possible to change even the most difficult relationship. She not only instills hope, but gives you the practical, proven tools to make it happen.