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Remember when your son married? Or, maybe your son is just now getting married. Either way, most mothers-in-law or future mothers-in-law have spent time thinking about their daughter-in-law and what their relationship will be like. Whether you want it to be “best friends,” a “new daughter,” or another women you can be friendly with, this new venture into the unknown can be…rather unsettling.

As a mother-in-law you’re in a unique position. Your role is changing right before your eyes and you have no control over it. And although letting go of your son is often a gradual shift (although not always), once he gets married – well, that’s a whole new ballgame! So what’s a future or current mother-in-law to do to help ease this transition? How do you gracefully move from the “drivers seat to the back seat” and keep that smile on your face and self worth intact? Here are some things to think about as you move into your new role as mother-in-law:

  • You raised your son to be bright, thoughtful, and loving – trust him and his choices.
  • Your relationship with your son is changing. He’s a man and he is soon to be (or is) a husband – let him go. Graciously accept your new relationship with him.
  • Your son loves this woman – learn why, and embrace those things about her.
  • She, too, loves your son – cherish that, as you want only the best for him.

Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law have a unique relationship. They love and are loved by the same man. Because his love for each woman is different, they must learn to embrace the differences and celebrate the things they have in common. So, what kind of mother-in-law do you want to be?

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