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How to Communicate with Family Members Who have Different Political Views Over the Holidays

Quoted in article by Sarah Barness

Thinking About Moving Back in with Family? Here’s How You’ll Survive the Madness

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5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays With Your in-Laws – Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

Mother-in-Law & Order

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Jennifer King Lindley

The Daily Telegraph

A Psychotherapist’s guide to getting on with Your Mother-in-Law


Social Media and Your In-Laws

Surviving your In-Laws This Holiday Season

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How to Play the Mother-in-Law Name Game With Millennials

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Various Blog Posts About In-Law & Family Relationships

Sticky Situations & Who’s Who in the Delivery Room

Quoted in articles by

Ginny Butler (April 2015) & Abby Singer (October 2015)

Meet My Crazy Family!

Quoted in article by Tim Donnelly

How to Protect Your Spouse From the In-Laws

Quoted in article by Nara Schoenberg

Visiting His Family for the First Time Over the Holidays? How to Make Sure It’s Not a Disaster

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10 Things Never to Say to Your Mother-in-Law

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My Girlfriend’s Just Like Mom

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Dealing with an MIL-zilla

Quoted in article by Linda DiProperzio

Mother-in-Law Pushing Your Buttons Again?

The Holidays: How to Avoid a Family Feud

Quoted in article by Diane Forden

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