Daughter-In-Law Offers & Programs

Man in the Middle

Tired of fighting with your husband about his mother? Does it feel as though she is the cause of most of your arguments? Get your husband out of the middle and by your side. Also – Learn the difference between marital issues and mother-in-law issues. This could be a marriage saver!

The 60-Minute “Help Line”

Sometimes you just get stuck and can’t see a way out of that one particular situation with your mother-in-law. And yes, there may be underlying issues and there may be on-going issues, but right now you need help with this one thing. If only you could talk to someone who could point you in the right direction or give you another way to look at it. If only there was someone who, not only understood, but could actually help you… WELL NOW THERE IS!

Listening and Learning

What do you do when you get caught in a stalemate because no one is willing to give in? Learn the 4 steps to Listening & Learning and break that stalemate once and for all. Discover the secret to listening without getting defensive and learn what you can say to break the stalemate forever!

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