Man in the Middle

How to Improve Your Marriage and Your Relationship with Your Mother-in-Law (at the same time!)

Are you:

… tired of fighting with your husband about his mother?

… feeling he isn’t supporting you in your concerns about his mom?

… feeling the way he handles things are affecting how you feel about him?


Fighting with your husband about his mother can take a toll on your marriage. It can have you question things he says and does and affect how you see him as a man. Sometimes it feels as though the only things you do fight about is his mom. You feel as though these fights about her are greatly affecting your marriage and you’re not sure what to do. Until now!


Dr. Deanna’s download on the Man in the Middle will give you what you need to change how you see your husband in these situations and how you can help him be who you need him to be.


  • Discover how much your husband plays a role in your relationship with his mother.
  • Find how easily his actions can shift a stressful situation to a stress-free one.
  • Learn to recognize the difference between a marital issue and a mother-in-law issue and why this is so         important to know.
  • ** Get a bonus just for you! It will bring you and your husband closer together – not further apart – when you talk to him about his mother.

You Get:

  • Dr. Deanna’s 45-Minute Man in the Middle Audio Tutorial ($40.00 value)
  • Plus…Your Own “Working Handout Guide” for Easy Use and Reference ($20.00 value)
  • Plus…3 articles on husbands/sons and their psycho-developmental process into manhood (15.00 value)


Total Value:  $75.00 

Your Price:  $16.95

All Yours For Only $16.95

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