The 60-Minute “Help Line

1 hour – 1 Burning Issue – 1 Simple Solution!

My 60-Minute “Help Line” is specifically for those of you who need a one-time strategy session about a specific issue. Maybe you’re unsure about how to handle a particular situation, what to do with your feelings so they don’t get in your way, how to set boundaries with your out-of-control mother-in-law, or how to deal with your husband when it comes to his mother. Whatever it is you’re struggling with it doesn’t have to keep you from making things better, for you and for your relationship.

The 60-Minute “Help Line” is for daughters-in-law who need to get a set of experienced eyes on their relationship, a simple approach to help them see their way forward and regain their footing.

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Quick timeframe to get help (I keep specific times open each week)
  • An experienced relationship expert to help you identify your options and solutions
  • One-time consulting with step-by-step solution you can take with you
  • Cost effective
  • You feel supported, confident, and ready to take that next step
  • We work by telephone, so no need for travel
  • There’s no commitment beyond this one hour

Here’s what you get:

  • My 60-Minute “Help Line” quick questionnaire designed to help you hone in on the specific issue
  • I personally and confidentially review your email about your issues & concerns
  • We work together in a private, one-on-one call, focusing exactly on what you stated you needed
  • You’ll know exactly what you can do to make your specific issue better.

Regular Consultation Fee:  1 hour = $250

Your Price:  $175

After you sign up you will receive an email from me to set up a day and time. You can also send me an email giving me some history of the issues and what you’d like to accomplish during our time together.

There is no reason to feel stuck, frustrated, or unsupported. What’s the thing you most need help with right now?

All Yours For Only $175

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