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Sometimes we get lost in our struggles. Sometimes we get lost in those things that block us from being who we want to be or from being where we want to be. It’s important to remember that those struggles, those blocks are part of our journey. These things, and more importantly, how we handle them help us to stretch ourselves, to grow into who we really are. As I used to tell my clients in therapy – “Your struggles…those things that seem to get in your way, are gifts. It’s those things that give you a chance to really step up and even surprise yourself at what you are capable of.”

In all honesty, it is easier to give up during those times. It’s easier to just say, “This is too painful. This is too hard. I don’t want to put myself through this.” Unfortunately when we act on these feelings, we are not acting on a sound rationale. Instead we are really reacting. We are reacting to our emotions – not the situation.

Know that feelings come and go. The pain, hurt, sadness, will not last forever. Your purpose at that moment, when you’re in those feelings, is to find the way out of them. Your purpose is to work through those feelings, understand them, learn from them, and then allow yourself to make a decision about your situation once you are on the other side of those feelings.

You will be in such a different place. Your eyes will see things in such a different way than when you were in the angst of your pain. You will feel stronger, walk taller, and know you can get through anything and be a stronger, better person because of it.

Give it a try!

What are some ways you can understand and learn from your struggling situation?

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